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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Around the Nazarene Blogersphere 07/01/07

Christian Mythology
Indigenous Stranger
By James Diggs

I have been thinking a lot about Christian mythology as a contrasting lens to theology (particularly systematic). I think CS Lewis had a healthy view of Christian myth, understanding it not as fiction or fable but as divinely inspired yet humanly expressed creative narrative that spoke truth far beyond getting stuck in the mire of what is “literal” or “inerrant”. I am coming to believe that embracing scripture as our collective mythos is simply a better way to spiritual formation than the mechanical, systematic and prescriptive theology that much of western/modern church culture has seemed to embraced… READ MORE HERE

Upside Down Reflections
Holiness Reeducation
By Greg Arthur

I am still trying to recover, mentally, spiritually, and physically from an amazing mission trip to Maine. Whenever you have such a powerful experience like that, seeing God move, watching lives be changed, welcoming home prodigals, it can be hard to go back to normal life. Having 2 kids helps, after all they don’t care how I am feeling, I am Dad and that carries a lot of expectations. But, all of it, even a slow detox, has been great. What the trip did leave me with, however, is a sense that often my struggle with understanding my life is the result of upside down reflections. In Maine one day, while we were waiting on some tools, I walked over to the lake and noticed… READ MORE HERE

Emerging Curriculum
Emergent Nazarenes
By Dean Blevins

Greetings all, I am the "new kid" on the Emergent Nazarenes block and wanted to gather your thoughts on a current project if you are interested. Most of you know Nazarene Theological Seminary has been involved in conversations over Emergent/Missional ministry in the last couple of years. We began in conversations with people both involved at the national level and with local leaders around Kansas City (Nazarene and non-Nazarene). Some of the "fruits" of the preliminary conversations you are probably aware of through our school's conferences last year and an offshoot conference scheduled next fall on PostModern Youth Ministry co-sponsored by NYI, MNU, NTS and Youthfront. This summer's efforts included two classes on Missional Leadership & Discipleship… READ MORE HERE

the echo chamber
By Nancy Weikal

So have you heard of Matisyahu? He's an ethnic Reformed Jew turned Hasidic Jew who also happens to be a hip-hop/reggae/rapper. I was introduced to him through Relevant magazine who featured him on the cover of their most recent issue. I'm hooked.

What I love is that God's truth is so powerfully and wonderfully expressed in this song & video. Talk about uplifting! A modern-day psalm of Davidic caliber!... READ MORE HERE

Sacred Places are A Happening
Here I Am
By Julene Tegerstrand

I didn’t miss it today. Often I do. Call it a perceptual handicap. I miss those potentially sacred moments in the “regular” of life. The mundane which does not have to feel so bland can sometimes burst to life. It opens up not because of what is happening around me but because it is A Happening and I just happened to notice. When one encounters the presence of the living God in an unexpected place it is A Happening. God is there just waiting for a notice. The space is of no matter! Any place can be held by ‘A Happening’! Any space can be a sacred place.

Where was this Happening? Burger King of all places! It was the Burger King at Seoul Station. I’m not much of a burger joint person normally but God makes no distinction. Could Burger King really be a sacred space? Vegetarians beware! Why not? There was a great hustle of people. They ate quickly to run and catch a train. But there I was in the… READ MORE HERE

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