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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Around the Nazarene Blogersphere

Through God Becoming a Nazarene
Emergent Nazarenes

By James Diggs

As Advent lead us into the Christmas season and now as it comes to an end as that Lectionary leads us into Epiphany, I have never been as enamored with the incarnation as I have been over the last few months or so. This last Sunday, December 30th, our church community reflected on the narrative in Matthew 2:13-23 which spoke of the horrific slaughter of children by Herod post the first Christmas. We concluded reading this narrative at the point in which it said “he shall be called a Nazarene.” As we were winding up our celebrating of the Christmas season and the incarnation of Christ this passage reminded us that the birth of Christ was just the beginning of the incarnational work of Christ and the reality of God becoming one with humanity in a violent world full of injustice continued well past the nativity story…READ MORE HERE

Is iTunes changing the way we read scripture?
Holiness Reeducation
by: Greg Arthur

For Christmas I received several gift certificates for iTunes. This makes me happy. I love new music. I have music playing all the time, in the car, in the office, and when I workout. iTunes is great because you can sample lots of new music and pick and choose what you like. I have realized that iTunes, with all of its advantages may be costing us something too, however, and that it relates to our ability to read scripture…READ MORE HERE

I Saw What I Saw
Here I Am

By Julene Tegerstrand

I have been listening to Sara Groves latest CD. Sara has a gift of musical story telling. She captures the rawness of human life in ways that connect with me. The song, "I Saw What I Saw" spoke to me in a profound way. When I heard the song I immediately thought about my experience in Rwanda this year. It It is one of those life experiences that has left me with no words to describe. Too much pain. The people I met, however, remain with me in piercing ways. Those few days, those experiences and the memory of the people there .…READ MORE HERE

The Lost Art of Conversation
David Brush
By David Brush

Everyone has questions; verbal or unspoken. We wonder constantly about how the world works and why are things the way they are. A questioning spirit exists in all of us to some degree. For most of us it starts at the age of 2 with one simple question, "why?" As we get older the questions become more complex and the answers require more nuance. This nuance tends to bother us, because according to modern logic each question presents an either/or a right/wrong equation to solve. So we say for instance…READ MORE HERE