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Monday, July 09, 2007

Around the Nazarene Blogersphere 07/09/07

Love is the Higher Law
Urban Monk
By Brian Postlewait

My friends often give me a hard time about my fanatic devotion to U2. At 33 I still have a framed picture of the band on my wall and have been known to quote Bono in sermons from time to time. For the record I was a fan beginning in 85 as a 12 year old. Bono was the first Christian that told me it was OK to have doubts as a follower of Jesus. I think his music saved me from fundamentalism. Anyway, thought I'd share this video with you all. It's U2 with Mary J. singing One. It's awesome! …READ MORE HERE

Things You CAN’T Do When You’re NOT In A Pool
Indigenous Stranger
By James Diggs

I think this video is hilarious, then again I am just kind of twisted that way. But I would have to agree that there are some things that you can only do in a pool.

I was reading a criticism of the emergent movement the other day; it wasn’t really a fair criticism, though there are a few fair criticisms of the movement to be had. But this was your typical fundamentalist, fear based, sounding criticism that said that the emergent movement and post modern-culture was nothing more than relativism.

That got me thinking, and to me relativism doesn’t sound all that bad. When it comes right down to it truth is best revealed in relative terms. I am not saying that there are no "absolutes", just that I don’t think it is possible to know truth as knowledge or understanding absolutely. I don’t even think our scriptures can really be considered “absolute truth” but rather they just point to the only real absolute truth we can ever know, that is the person of Christ (John 5:39). …READ MORE HERE

Living Upside Down

Emergent Nazarenes
By Greg Arthur

A couple of weeks ago I led a mission trip up to New England. Part of the trip was spent in Jackman, ME which is pretty far north, about 8 miles from Quebec. There was this beautiful lake there in Jackman and I took this picture there. The lake was so clear and calm that day so I took the picture upside down, just to see how it would work. Since then, this picture has haunted me. At first glance you can't quite tell anything is wrong with it, it looksREAD MORE HERE

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